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What is Posbuddy?

Posbuddy is a live retail analytics system that integrates into your existing POS.

The Posbuddy system does the following:

  1. Displays relevant targeted offers to customers at the point of sale which drives increased basket size from your existing customers. Integrates with iPads or our custom devices.
  2. Prompts on your till display alert your staff to companion sale opportunities for each customer.
  3. Goal setting and analytics cloud based platform that allows you or your team to access live reporting from anywhere you have a internet connection.

Posbuddy works with all major POS systems

Use Posbuddy to set goals and achieve them

Posbuddy is more than a device. The Posbuddy system identifies your strongest complimentary sales and lets you set goals. Set your own complimentary pairs as well to focus on key product line sales.

Posbuddy allows you to set goals and achieve them. The Posbuddy system triggers popups for the retail assistants as well as passive mode on iPads facing your customers to drive additional sales.

Posbuddy users have seen an increase of 8x in companion sales

When Posbuddy was installed in stores our customers saw an 804% increase in sales for selected product lines, with no canibalisation of other products.

Let your team see how they are performing against their goals and align goals with incentive programs to reward your team’s success.

It's easy to get started.


Set up deals

Posbuddy will suggest companion sales for you based on your consumer purchasing trends or customise your own.


Place on counter

Bring your own iPad or use one of our custom device solutions.



Watch the performance of your stores against the goals you set with your team.

Sound good?

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